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Designed to secure business critical servers, VMs, and cloud workloads (for both AWS and Microsoft Azure) without sacrificing performance, Intercept X for Server protects against malicious attacks. It leverages powerful technologies to keep servers safe, including: the ability to detect never-before-seen malware using deep learning; block ransomware and roll back affected files; block hacking attempts leveraging the most-used exploit techniques; plus root cause analysis capabilities to help admins better understand how an attack occurred, what its impact was, and how to prevent it from happening again. Intercept X for Server also includes Server Lockdown for application whitelisting, and allows comprehensive discovery and protection of cloud workloads.

Deep Learning Malware Detection

  • Leveraging a deep kearning neural network, Intercept X for Server detects new and previously unseen malware and potentially unwanted applications
  • Once deployed, the model identifies critical attributes, automatically resulting in more accurate decisions between benign files and malware payloads

Signatureless Exploit Prevention

Protecting against a comprehensive array of exploit techniques (25-plus), Intercept X for Server proactively mitigates server specific un-patched exploits such as:

  • Malicious process migration: Detects a remote reflective DLL injection used by hackers to move laterally between processes
  • Process privilege escalation: Prevents a low-privilege process from being escalated to a higher privilege level to gain system access

Active Hacker Mitigations

Server protection offers mitigation methods to block determined hackers, including:

  • Credential theft protection: Prevents theft of authentication passwords from memory, registries, and local storage
  • Code cave utilization: Detects the presence of malicious code deployed in legitimate applications

Ransomware and Master Boot Record Protection

  • CryptoGuard, previously included in Sophos Central Server Protection Advanced and Intercept X, stops ransomware in its tracks
  • CryptoGuard’s protection has expanded to now include WipeGuard, which prevents ransomware variants or malicious code that targets the master boot record

Root Cause Analysis

  • Detection and response technology provides complete visibility of how the attack got in, where it went, what it touched, and provides recommendations on what you should do next

Cloud Workload Discovery and Protection (AWS and Microsoft Azure)

  • Discovers workloads across customer’s AWS and Azure accounts and visually shows where workloads are located, what’s protected, and what is not
  • Includes important management information about Azure VMs and AWS EC2 instances when Central connects to those AWS/Azure accounts, to offer a full view of security policies, including for AWS Auto Scaling groups

Server Lockdown

  • Locks the server in a known and safe state
  • One-click application whitelisting

Server Application Aware

  • Automatic server exclusions for the most popular server applications
  • Application inventory

Synchronized Security

  • Coordinate network, endpoint and server protection, along with email and Wi-Fi
  • Real-time intelligence sharing between your endpoints and firewall

Flexible Deployment Options

  • Deploy on physical, VMs, or in cloud – one product, one SKU, low server-specific price
  • Choice of the full-protection agent, or the ultra-thin agent for off-board scanning of VMs and VDI
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